DC Metro Rules #44 & #291

#44: If you are hovering by the doors and see other people getting ready to exit, it’s generally a good idea to move out of the freaking way so that said riders can exit the train with ease and don’t get crushed by the heavy closing doors. It’s simple physics.

#291: (Not really a rule, but rather a helpful suggestion – a Hints From OM, if you will.) When WMATA decides to put conveniently located trash bins in the middle of the Metro platforms, you applaud them. Why they don’t put huge conveniently placed recycling bins next to these trash bins for newspapers is beyond me. It saddens me to see a trash bin full of recyclable newspapers and the inconveniently located recycling bins off to the side hidden away are empty. People aren’t going to recycle unless it’s ass-easy for them. My god, instead of spending all this money on a “new voice” for Metro why not spend a 1/10th of the cost to put recycling bins in a convenient and efficient location and do something for the greater good. Would it be too much to ask?

2 Responses to “DC Metro Rules #44 & #291”

  • I may have to start a “DC Metro Bus Rules” series.

    Some drunk dumbass sat on my groceries the other day.

    I was like, “whoa, hang on, hang on,”

    He was like, “well, you shoulda moved ’em.”

    I was like, “that’s what I was trying to do!”

    And he was like, “well, maybe take your car to the grocery store in the future, huh?”

    and I was like…

    and he was like…

    and yeah…

  • the unfilled parts of Eric’s comment is him laying the smackdown on the unsuspecting drunk jerk on the metro. 😉

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