Oh Where Oh Where Is My Harrison Ford?

Ok, so yes, Harrison Ford’s new movie, entitled “Firewall” opens Friday.

Am I the only one who cringes each time I see the preview?

The plot is pretty logical, but why Harrison agreed to do this movie is beyond me. This caliber of film is more along the lines of Colin Farrell or hell, Keanu Reeves. It simply saddens me to hear of Harrison stooping this low. Where is my Indiana Jones? My Rick Deckard? My Jack Ryan? My Colonel Lucas? Sad days and bad movies are ahead of us all.

5 Responses to “Oh Where Oh Where Is My Harrison Ford?”

  • dude, he gotta feed calista flockhart – oh, wait…

  • I kind of wanted him to be the guy in “The DaVinci Code.”
    Maybe they thought he was too old?

    I think Tom Hanks is too experienced, and the haircut he wears in the movie preview just doesn’t look good on him.

  • Yeah, Tom Hanks was on the Grammy’s last night and his hair is awful. It’s like helmet mullet.

  • I cringe! I’ve seen him on a bunch of talk shows and he seems totally out of it. I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to buy that Harrison Ford designed a computer security system. He was on I think Jon Stewart and said “I had to do it, they paid me so much!”

    I do like the actor who plays the bad guy. English accent + skinny = yum. He doesn’t look that great in this, but he was great in “Wimbledon.”

  • Wimbledon, hands down, won best “Movie on an Airplane” in 2005, at least in my head.

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