Bush, Los Angeles & Terrorists’ Alleged Plan

Isn’t it convenient when Bush Jr. comes out with a story about preventing an alleged terrorist action as he is criticised for broaching on people’s privacy concerning wiretapping, etc?

This is simply too convenient. If people don’t see through this tactic or marketing plan or whatever you want to call it, I am sorely sorry for the state of the union. Sadly I don’t think the average American will. When did below average become acceptable?

2 more years.

And Jeff is right. The President is a douche.

8 Responses to “Bush, Los Angeles & Terrorists’ Alleged Plan”

  • It’s VERY convenient, and he IS a douche.

  • While I don’t believe in name calling, he has made some bad decisions lately. Bad Mr. President. You bring a shame to your state of Texas.

  • But name calling is so fun 🙂

  • I don’t know. He might not be trying to distract folks from the wiretapping scandal.

    He might be trying to distract folks from the fact that his social-security phase-out is hidden in this year’s budget, for example. Or any number of other things.

  • It is curious that all the social security articles are on page 24 in the Post.

    Good point Thud.

  • oh man, this design rocks! When you retire it, do you mind sharing? seriously. Love the simplicity.

  • I love the fact that W made the big “announcement” without even alerting LA officials….
    WTF?!? I was living out there, when this supposedly happened. I was flying in and out of there, when this supposedly happened.

    I remember watching NYC on television on Sept 11th…
    It’s impossible to imagine what “might” or “could have” happened in addition, years ago… in Los Angeles.

  • So, is there really a shred of truth in the LA terrorist attacks? Really – the idea of that happening is everyone’s worst fear – and totally gets their minds off of everything else he’s screwing up… like Medi-caid and Student Loans, to mention a few more.

    Thank god I went back to school when I did – otherwise, I’d never have been able to go back. I love my student loans and grants – especially since it’s my last semester, and I won’t have to worry about paying for college anymore!

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