Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter

Did anyone else smirk and get a minor chuckle when they read the headline, “Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter in Texas Accident” on the front page of the Washignton Post, or whatever newspaper you read?

Anyways. Snow. Wow. We got some. Sure it might have been a blizzard up in New England, but this was hardly a blizzard down here. So we were on our way to Baltimore when it started really coming down. Luckily we were spending the night, but it actually didn’t really accumulate until after midnight on Saturday, so it appeared. It, as always, was wonderful staying with Nan and Bob. They are so warm and welcoming and Nan is a tremendous chef. Yay bacon! Yay cable television. With all the snow it was pretty amusing walking Frankie through the snow trenches with Bob and their dog Tibbs. She did manage to pee a few times not to mention escape the clutches of the leash and run down Northern Parkway. Yeah, not fun for a dog owner. DC didn’t get as much snow as Baltimore as usually expected but it was nice to come back home to snow everywhere. Amazing, it’s a winter wonderland.

And I was begining to think winter was over.

In site news, I purchased a license and installed Mint. It’s quite powerful and I am very interested in the information and stats I will acquire about web trends with Olympus Mons.

4 Responses to “Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter”

  • I’ve been using Mint on Anvil & Sprocket for awhile; I dig it!

  • When I heard about Cheney shooting someone, I definitely smirked. “Oops, my bad…” is what I imagined his first reaction to be.
    Happy belated 65th birthday, Dick. (Jan 30th)

    Maybe there should be regulations on things such as driving – and guns – for those over 65? But then that gets into gun control, and freedom of all citizens… blah blah blah.

    Maybe this will be the news that gets everyone to forget about Bush and all of his ill-doings.

  • Yeah, I chuckled. I think it was the usage of words like “peppered” and “sprayed” when reporters described the guy who got shot. Those words are so nice sounding, as if Cheney covered his buddy with rainbow and butterfly shot.

  • Wahhhh, I want Mint! I’m going to buy it this week darn it.

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