Tokio Hotel’s Schrei

When we were in Spain on our honeymoon last fall there was this band Tokio Hotel. They were all over German MTV. Rightfully so. If this band hasn’t already broke in the States, it’s only a matter of time. Their record Schrei is quite possibly the best record of 2005. Sonic mastery and genius lyrics. You will soon be swooning all over Bill, yeah Bill, their singer.Here’s the single that was raging all over western europe:
Tokio Hotel

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Durch Den Monsun – MP3 3.5MB 128kbps 3′ 46

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  • mat speaks german? another thing I did not know about the man, the mystery. 🙂


    BTW, are you being serious? because as far as I knew, Tokio Hotel was the equivalent to BBmac over here. Ghost-written songs, screaming legions of mainly teenage female fans, and the overuse of eye shadow. Thats what I remember when I read about them some months back.

  • One need not speak German to understand the intensity and versatile quality of these lyrics.

  • I swooned so hard I almost forgot we were on our honeymoon.

  • I was in Florence, Italy at the same time and the apartment rental I was staying in only had German satellite TV and the only saving grace to that was this song which was played at least once an hour. I was totally hypnotised by it and the striking visuals that came when you heard it. I can’t believe they are so young and yet so amazing. Any idea where I can download this song???

  • omg! I love the song this song. I heard it for the first time today and I am so amazed by it!!!!! It’s a really good song! Bill sings so good and he’s so cute! They are a really good band for only being 16! I’m in love with them.

  • Does anyone have tom and bill’s address!? Trade for pictures! Write on or

  • they are really cool…they have nice songs…i would love to see them in a concert

  • omg i looove Tokio Hotel!

  • I came across this band on You Tube. I don’t care if there was some ghost writing going on. This is positively a breath of fresh air. Good Melodies that you can’t get out of your head for a start along with live appeal. I hope they hit the States and give a kick-start to a music induxtry desperately seeking melody.

  • Have anyone Bill and Tom´s address or telephone number or msn?!
    Write to :
    Thank you!

  • Tokio Hotel are so good..I’m one of their first spanish fans..Well,I don’t consider me a tokiofan..I’m a tomfan!Lol. Ich liebe TOM KAULITZ.

  • i am very big TOkio Hotel fan!i am from bulgaria and i know them for a long time.Their songs are all fantastic and there are a lot of fealing in the lyrics!I love Tokio HOtel!Ilove Bill!TH 4ever

  • hello…i am alexia from greece and i just wanna say that i love you bill….you’re all my life…i wish i will meet you

    bill i wish you could understand me.ich liebe dich…you are a very nice guy and you have a perfect character.i truly love you……

  • tokio hotel rocks. no question. even though i can’t understand what they’re saying. i’ve translated almost all of their songs, so i get the basic gist of the song but still. i reallllllllly hope they come the States soon.

    Ich liebe tokio hotel!

  • I love Tom Kaulitz. He is really sexy boy! he is very sweet. Everytime i cry for him cuz i love him so much and i wish i could meet with him. one a friend of me who is friend of tom kaulitz. she has got phone number and email etc of tom kaulitz ut she doesnt give. in fact i dont know really she has! but i know only that I love Tom forever. I love their songs too but most of Tom! Bill has got great voice of course. I first know them on MTV with Durch Den Monsun! I fall in love with Tom. and you know what happens. Every time I think of Tom. I cannot study my lessons cuz of think of him. I hope one day i will see you!
    KIsses & LOves
    from me
    If somebody wants to connect with me (I can speak German, English, Greek and a little bit French)

  • hey all th fans out there. when tokio hotel first made it big i was young and i liked them right from the start and even though my friends thought it was wierd and people stoped talking to me i never stoped liking them. Now that they are famous those people want to talk to me again.My room is decorated with th posters and i love their powerfull lyrics Bill sure knoows how to write sngs, im a song writter too i wrote a song called i still believe and it was th who inspired me when i had no one to turn to. And even though i had no friends and i had been classed as the loner in the school today i love tokio hotel just as much as i did when they first came out. Well a big shout for all of you people out there who dont stop believing in what they really love. im not the th geek anymore im one (and maybe not their numberone fan) but im one of their biggest fans!! well doneboys for getting this far. you make me proud. Any one knw where i can get a TH t-shirt please d tell me. I´d lve to talk t any one im a people person s write t me.

  • Hi! ı love ßill he is really handsome and sexy ! do u have a bill’s msn addres or phone number?

  • bill is the best i just love him my mum ses im to creyzy about him he and tom are just the sexsyast boys in the world

  • Heeeeeeey!! ı found bill’s and tom’s hi5 address omgg!!! 😀 ım so lucky 😀

  • LyRocK, want to tell us the address? we’d love you forever…..

  • hi name is banucan ı love you ı ‘ freom turkey my msn adress banucan_91@hotmail.comı’m 15 years old…….(*.*)(*_*)(*,.,*)-_-

  • blair do u hawe a tom’s msn addres? or phone number? and do u love bill? if u love bill ı give u a bills msn addres 😉 but u give me a tom msn addres 😉

  • HEEY TOKIO HOTEL FANS!!!!I COME FROM GERMANY BUT I AM A GREEK I WANT TO SAY THAT I WAS in 6 Concerts of them and they were SOOO DAMN FUCKING GOOOD!!!TOKIO HOTEL ARE GREAT!aspecialy BILL!Ich liebe ihn einfach!über alles!=D
    but they must go to GREECE TOO!!!!!I WILL BE THERE 😉

  • hi I’m greek and I love TOKIO HOTEL!!!!I LOVE BILL VERY MUCH!!!He is so FUCKING sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello again………….i would like to say that i really love tokio hotel,come to greece plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    …i especially love my angel bill……he is so sweet…he is so nice…..he has the most perfect eyes……the most wonderful eyes………i wish i will see him only for one time..and then i would die……well if anyone would like to contact with me my msn is:

  • Hi ! Someone have the adress of bill and tom .? 😀
    Xx My adress:
    <3 (( i speak english, dutch, french ))

    BILL <3<3
    He’s so hot (l) LuvHim

  • hmpff.. Does anyone have bill’s address or phone number? plz give meee 🙁

  • (sorry I don’t speak good english). LyRocK, u really have Bill’s msn? oh. u are so lucky 🙁 I’m 14 years old girl in Finland and I love Tokio Hotel. When I be so sad I just listen to them music, and I love it. <3 I will do anything if I will get Bill, Tom, Georg or Gustav’s msn address. I really hope, LyRocK, that if u will be so friendly and lovely, u can maybe tell me Bill’s msn address? If u want to tell me it u can write me

  • I said ” ı found a msn adress of Bill but ı spooke with him and he said ” Hey girl ım not really Bill Kaulitz its Jokeee!!” and ım so sad now…I found a new msn adress of Bill ı hope he is real Bill 🙁 Taija ım so soRRy..

  • HEEELLOOOO everyone out there ^^
    I am from Germany but i want that Tokio Hotel come to Greece too they are so great and xanete pou den tous exete thie live…O__o
    hhmm when they come to greece then in THESSALONIKI OR ATHENS, but when they come to Thessaloniki then i will be there of course ^^
    hihihhiii TOKIO HOTEL ARE SOO GREAT!!!
    i love them ALL! actually BIll<3^^
    ma other three girl likes Georg and Gustav ^^
    das ist alles zu viel aber des kann man schon hinkriegen 😉 oder?O__o
    naja erstmal schön Urlaub machen ^^

  • LyRocK, I hope that u have real Bill’s msn 🙂 lucky!

  • Hey Mina!!!ı think u dont know english , deutsch , greece ı think u just memorized a few words and sentences when ur memorized words is finished u r always continue deutsch or greece to ur sentences

    Taija ı Hope Too 😀 if ı have ı give u 😉

  • Hi ! Well,, i’ve found some addresses ..

  • sHaRiiiiis 😀 pLz qiVe meeeee 🙁

  • oh Sharis. is it real Bill’s msn? maybe u kan give it for us? 😉

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