Feetnik’s Book Signing

Yesterday morning I went over to Alice’s house to pick up the truck to move the radiators. Both David’s and Gordon came over to help me with this crazy heavy project. It actually worked out pretty well with 4 people. The only bad part was popping the tire in the dolly. Everything worked out well and it appears no one’s backs broke. Success.

After that we all went out to Savory (I notice a theme) for some lunch. Bob met us shortly after to hang and to talk shop with Feetnik. Then we all headed back to the homestead to chill on the couch and watch old family super-8 videos of my early childhood.


Then it was time to clean the house… and time to run errands… Fun stuff… I actually found firewood at 7-11 because Safeway had none. In fact it was the best burning wood we’ve bought thus far. Then the peeps started pouring in. I like having friends over. We have a great group of friends who seem to melt pretty well. Oh and we baked a cake for Catherine’s birthday and finally gave her her gifts we bought a few weeks ago. It was a bummer Feetnik and Gordon couldn’t come out, but Feetnik got a weird reaction from Gordon’s cat, so it was probably best she didn’t come out. We did have a roaring fire, which was nice and the chocolate cake was excellent. Thanks Erika and Eric for taking a huge chunk of it home. And strangely Awapy wasn’t in any photographs, yet she was present. Bizarre.

Feetnik Book Signing
Pictures from the weekend.
And we’ve come to know David O. as the Pussy Master. In fact his new name is “Pussy Master” – The pussies love him.

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