Nice = dirty

I am here to correct the record. My song interpretation has been misconstrued and therefore can not be fully appreciated.

One must listen to the lyrics from the perspective of a horny teenaged boy (as I am apt to do). This is the sweet-talking plea of a boy who just wants to get some, but alas, he is stuck in the mid-century ethos of a society that bars pre-marital copulation and so what choice does he have?

Turn on the charm. Make it all about the kisses. “Yeah, yeah, baby, if we were older, I’d marry you, but I can’t so let’s just do it anyway.”

Really. Boy just wants to get his stick wet.

3 Responses to “Nice = dirty”

  • Of course there are no horny teenaged girls who sweet talk their pleas.

    So who is really stuck in the mid-centry ethos where the stereotype is that all boys are simply drooling over girls to get them in bed?

    This is all beside the point, perv.

  • No, no, no. Don’t you remember the Seinfeld episode? We just put it out there.

  • Wasn’t it Elaine who once said to Jerry, “We have to have sex to save the friendship.” ?

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