May I admire you again today?

Reason #642 why Emily is the best Wife ever:

Last night while watching a documentary on the Monterey Pop Festival and Emily said, “Wow. That’s the Otis Redding doing that song from Dirty Dancing.”

A minute passes…

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s the song Duckie sings to Andie in Pretty in Pink

Yes, I have the coolest Wife, ever. It’s a fact.

And for those that need a reminder:

13 Responses to “May I admire you again today?”

  • I actually haven’t seen this movie (yeah, I’m not a child of the 80s . . . more like Generation X, a child of the 90s . . . but Kris is), but it was HILARIOUS!

  • Of course, the absolute best part is right after this scene when Andrew McCarthy walks in to the record shop and Jon Cryer turns to Molly Ringwald and just says “Um, Andie” and gives her a little eyebrow-raise that says it all. Marlo and I used to sit in her parents’ living room and replay that scene over and over again.

    Oh, Jon Cryer, why Two-and-a-Half Men? Why?

  • What say you?! Two-and-a-Half Men is Awesome! That show has great writers.

  • Rothko,

    Are you kidding? Like seriously. I can’t tell if you are for real or not.

    And April, the movie is a real gem. Check it out. The soundtrack is stellar too. The music of our childhood.

  • No, for once I’m not being ironic. I really do like Two and a Half Men. All three actors have pretty good comic timing. (Though I guess I like Jon Cryer’s character the least, actually.) The kid kind of steals the show – he’s so deadpan and freakin’ hilarious. To me, it’s almost like watching a classic sit-com from the 70s or 80s like Three’s Company or something.

  • oh, david. oh, oh, oh. dharma and greg – now that was a sitcom. but 3-1/2 men?? it’s like watching a train wreck. it makes me weep for duckie.

  • One of the best scenes ever. Also possibly the only reason that I enjoy that song.

  • try a little tenderness! i love that movie.

  • i had a crush on dharma

  • Who didn’t??!

  • My wife has this on DVD I believe. First time I saw it too!

  • You can still satisfy your Dharma crushes by watching ‘Courting Alex.’ Not as good as Dharma and Greg, but it’s okay, and it has Dabney Coleman, or as I like to call him, Jack Flack.

  • Hehe. I still think of Daney Coleman as the evil chauvinistic boss in 9 to 5.

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