Emily’s Big Fat Pussy

For some reason, Lulu, really likes getting in the bathroom sink and drinking from the faucet.

In other news, David R. came over last night for dinner and wine and SISA. The dinner and wine were great and so tasty, even though it took three times as long to cook. Goysha KASHA! SISA didn’t work out as planned and at about 1 or 2am we gave up and went to bed. Could it have been the beer or the Windows machine’s bad karma? We’ll get Episode 2 up shortly. Perhaps an interpretation from both David and me.

5 Responses to “Emily’s Big Fat Pussy”

  • an ex- of mine who knew a lot about cats mentioned that cats really really love fresh water because of their accute sense of smell. something about water that has sat in a room for a long time makes them unboner.

    so faucets, rain fall, etc…. pussy digs that shit.


  • Mr. Puck, my late and beloved, used to love drinking from the faucet just like that.

  • yeah, I think that’s a universal cat thing. I always figured it was just instinctual for them to prefer running water, as if from a stream, to their water bowl, which might seem tepid by comparison. our tub faucet leaks constantly unless we turn off the connecting pipe, and the cats are always hanging out in the tub.

    have you seen this site? http://catsinsinks.com/

  • That cat is so cute! You know, my mom’s cat Sevy does the same thing. Does your cat end up asking Emily to turn the water faucet on? Sevy does!

  • my cat ruby does the same thing. my other cats aren’t as interested, but ruby pretty much sits at the bathroom door and demands to get inside to drink from the tap.

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