Get Down With My Girlfriend


There is too much dust flowing in our house. We are doing our best capturing it and displacing it to the proper receptacles. Oh yeah, and the shower tub drains like a mofo now. Thank you vinegar & baking soda, ammonia (don’t inhale, for real) & the plunger of love. Our house will chemical free! Yes, indeed!

2 Responses to “Get Down With My Girlfriend”

  • Chemical free my ass, lol, that combination of baking sode, vinegar, and ammonia will kill you! LOL. Shoot, if this picture is on flickr, it’s going into one of my faves. Too funny.

  • Hahaha… I did the baking soda and the vinegar by themselves… sure beats Draino and actually does something… Then I did the ammonia later… to get through the grease— But I forgot to dilute it! Man that stuff is STRONG!

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