meets cesar chavez in the high woods of montana

nosmoking (14k image)It was early to mid High School. Sophomore or Junior in High School. Something like that. I remember going out with my then good frien Jordan. Since then he’s lost touch with most of his friends with his wife taking up all of his time. Anyways…I think i was sleeping over at his house, so we could get away with more stuff over there. My father was in Vietnam so he heard everything, hence why we’d not sneak out from my house! I think both of Jordan’s parents were deaf or just didnt care.

I remember sneaking out of his house at like 2am or something to walk to 7-11 to buy smokes and so-called hot dogs. We’d also smoke a large amount of pot and walk around rockville. This particular night we went to his park near his house and decided it would be fun to light fireworks he just happened to have in his pocket. I guess at the time it was a good idea.

And thinking about this further, it would make sense cos we had just taken a trip to NYC and i remember walking around Chinatown with him looking for fireworks. We’d go up to these unsuspecting Asian men selling fireworks and ask them if they had the latest firebomb or what ever. We’d always get the same response, “BIG BOMB! BOOM! NO BIG BOMB! BOOM!, YOU GO NOW! NO BIG BOMB!” To this day i have no clue why 10+ shop owners had the same reaction. Maybe it was Jordan’s poodle mullet or maybe it was my ratty Jane’s Addiction t-shirt.

Anyways…back to the story. I guess the pot always helps things (pulling fireworks out of your pocket) like that. So after lighting all the fireworks we decided to go back to his house to eat food. Pot + No Food = Unhappy stoner dude. So we went back to his place and devoured a case of pudding. When we put our pink plastic spoons away I asked Jordan, “Do you wash your spoons?” (Pointing to the pink plastic spoons in the dishwasher that i presumed his family washed, just like my recycling-crazed parents did). For some uncontrollable reason we thought this was the most funny sentance we had ever heard. And when ever we’d be out and someone would say the most idiotic thing we’d say “Do you wash your spoons?!” And for years after that, when ever one of us would say that out loud we’d piss our pants. Do you wash your spoons?

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