If You See Kay

I am not sure if it’s a city thing, but I am seeing more and more kids (female) wearing these medallion-like earrings that display their (alleged) zodiac signs. Name and stenciled picture, as well. It’s kinda funny, in that 80s kinda way. I sorta want to get my ears pierced solely for that reason. Capricorn, reprezent.

And on a side note, I finally saw the animated ads (they are calling them “flipbook ads“) Metro has in some of it’s tunnels on the Red Line. It’s pretty surreal looking out the window of a Metro train car and seeing all the lights whizz by… Not to mention when there is a Cadillac ad out there with a car coming towards the train car. It really surprised me at first. Everyone in the car was like, “Did you just see that?” So weird that night I was out with David O. for beers and dinner and we were talking about that subject at the bar.

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  • I think I would have freaked out too. That’s a very controlling way to determine what people see as they use public transportation. It’s so old skool here in Houston. We have the bus system, and that’s it! Shoot, I don’t even wanna go there.

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