Double Fisting

As stellar as this photograph is. And as Stevie Nicks as this is, I have to say:

If I hear Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur on my iPod’s shuffle one more goddam time, I am going to go ape-shit. I really should delete the song. Kill me now. Or rather, kill it.

5 Responses to “Double Fisting”

  • i’ll just say it. in this instance, one tambourine=good – two tambourines=excessive, especially considering the quality of music ms. muldaur was capable of producing.

    i will say, though, that that dog.’s version of “midnight at the oasis” was pretty fun. kinda dancy. you could shake something to it if you tried.

  • Two tambourines is definitely excessive, especially if both are pounded against the player’s thighs on the 2 and 4. (Or if they’re exceptionally devoid of melanin, the 1 and 3.)

    I always preferred a nice little tam situated on top of one’s hi-hats. I wish I saw more drummers do that…

  • update: maria muldaur is coming to DC. mat, i’m so buying you tickets.

  • As I wonder over with my eagerness to comment I encounter a title such as double fisting! Then I start to see the page load and start to fear the worse… is this some kind of sick joke? Is this truly double fisting or just a cleverly named entry. I’ve had my share of those. I think it would be interesting to interview this person who I know nothing about.

    Now I am left with two choices… one is to keep on reading a taint my virgin preconcpetions of who the person behind Olympus Mons really is… what to do?

  • Nice use of the word “taint”.

    PS. Welcome!

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