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poison (14k image)So i did it last nite. I saw the first band i ever saw almost 15 years ago, last nite. It was Poison with Winger, Faster Pussycat and someother washed up hair metal band. Cinderella, it was. I was definately happy with the actual Poison show. Tons of C.C. antics and a great setlist (ultra mega hits). I think C.C. had like 20 different flying V guitars. Rock. And Rikki now has a 4 piece kit. He still does those stick tricks which now look more silly than anything. Perhaps due to my old age. He also had police siren lights which was kinda cheesy in that cool kinda way. He also looked like he could have passed out at any moment from lack of oxygen or something. They even had a synth dude, but wasnt even noticed until SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN.

I was hoping for more whitetrash people watching. I mean there was a lot, but not as much as i thought. Most of it were people like me and Laura. We just wanted to see the carnage and how bad it could be, out of pure nostalgia. After all the pyro technics, strobe lights, smoke machines, flashing titties, fireworks and firebombs, the show was over. It was a really nice change to just go to a nostalgic fun show. Music is too serious these days. Fucking lighten up. This is why Andrew WK rocks my world. Regardless me and Laura had the offer at backstage passes to meet Poison, but we declined. Sorta, been there done that. Or more of “dont wanna, dont care…” Dont need nuthin’, but a good time…

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  • Do you know if Rod Morgenstein was still the drummer for Winger? He’s been playing with the Dixie Dregs for a few years now, but was the drummer for Winger back in the day. The dude kicks.

  • i dont honestly remember…i dont think we actually saw winger…we did hear them from the parking lot…

    rod does rock….i used to always read his interviews when i subscribed to modern drummer in my younger years


  • ….modern drummer….hehe….

  • i saw that show. but i missed the 1st 2 bands. man, i can’t believe you dissed cinderella like that they were the best of the bunch with poison a close #2. will be continuing my nostalgia tour with david lee roth on aug 3rd in nashville

  • i am all over the dle/sh

    hell yeah!

    u from nashville?

    did u go to MTSU?

  • yep, daphne’s, jason m. and the gang.

  • rock on….how is jason?

    how is his band? what ever happened to them?

    were u in quimby?

  • yes i was, quimby and daphne’s were the same band diff. name.

    glossary is still..glossary. and jason is doing good he plays drums now though for them. him and maggie quit the band and then they pulled him back in

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