I am the record company!

Last night in between a pizza dinner with Susie and her children we watched DiG! It was that documentary on The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

What was amazing was how much a crazy asswipe that singer, Anton Newcombe, was. Perhaps the point? I really couldn’t tell if the Dandy Warhols were full of shit talking about Anton’s band being the best band in the world. I found one of their records online a year or so ago and I think I got past track two before turning it off. I remember them coming through Nashville in college and hearing of the stories of them destroying the venue. At the time, that really turned me on. It still kinda does.

Needless to say, if you like watching band train wrecks, this movie is for you. The Dandy Warhol’s ain’t a bad band either.

And best quote of the film:

“You fucking broke my sitar, motherfucker!” -Anton Newcombe

4 Responses to “I am the record company!”

  • What a fascinating film that was. One the one hand, the band drama is irresistably watchable, yet on the other, both bands’ music makes me want to vomit into my genitals.

    Mmmm… pizza. I still can’t believe how cheap that pizza was from that place a block away from your house!

  • I kinda like the Dandy Warhols… They do a mean cover of Hells Bells…

  • I can appreciate the Dandys (the wife likes ’em as a guilty pleasure), but I would definitely have to hear that cover…!

  • The Boy has been a rabid fan of the Brian Jonestown Massacre for years and I’m a fan (though not rabid) of the Dandy Warhols (who are the biggest hypocrites and divas on Earth) for years, so we had some interesting little bickering sessions when we watched that documentary.

    My favourite part was when Anton started dancing during the recording of “Not if You Were The Last Dandy On Earth” – he looked like such a square, trying too hard to be groovy.

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