New Position


Emily is turning 30. We had a surprise for her on Saturday. It was actually a surprise. I was successful. Thanks to David and Catherine for the accommodations and the planning. And thanks to Feetnik for occupying Em’s mind all day. More to come…

3 Responses to “New Position”

  • Thank you to my honey pie for such a fun party. So sneaky! I was totally fooled by the decoy of the 27th. And thank you to Catherine & David for hosting and cooking and keeping the shots and margaritas coming all night long! And thanks to everyone who came and made it so much fun!

    I’m old now. No, wait, I’m not old for four more days. Yay! Party on.

  • Lol. Only 30? Kris just turned 31. Ok, I’ll admit . . . that one didn’t work. 😉 Happy upcoming Birthday Emily!!

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