Do Not Mistake Coincidence For Fate

2 things about LOST’s season finale, last night:

  1. Claire and Charlie are back together! I can’t tell you how awesome that is. As much as I hate romantic distractions from great programming, this is a good aside. At least one that is aesthetically pleasing. And you can’t deny that.
  2. How Mr. Eko survived the dynamite blast is beyond me. But as much as I want to dislike him for his sad “faith” in the program, he’s still my favorite character.

What a great end to a fantastic 2nd Season. Of course certain aspects were cleared up, but twice as many questions were raised. If we only knew if Locke and Mr. Eko survived. We’ll find out in the fall… Yay. I can’t wait.

Thanks to Eric and Erika for hosting a great sushi party at their place last night. Props. And yes, I clearly missed Prince on American Idol. If anyone has a clip, that would be stellar.

Thanks Meredith:

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