every good boy deserves fudge.

mudhoney (21k image)i mapped it out the night before. i thought i was being smart about it….i’ve become quite the master at mapping routes and whatnot….seeing that that has been my job for the past three years. i decided to take route 1 all the way down from pennsylvania all the way into baltimore….you know….the scenic route. the apartment i was going to see was off of 144 which connected with route 1 in the city. i left in plenty of time….assuming that i may make a wrong turn here or there….it was kind of tricky. as it turns out….route 1 is THE WORST FUCKING WAY to drive through the city of baltimore….unless you are a crackhead.

after many wrong turns….ducking gunfire….random car jackings….and other various forms of inner city strife and turmoil….i made it to my destination. and only forty minutes late. the landlord was still there….so he showed me the pad. it’s on the third floor of this old house. it was perfect. it was exactly what i was hoping for. i tried to make myself come off as responsible as possible….i think i even asked if there was a golf course nearby….that’s what doctors play, right? so as i was wrapping it up…the next prospect came walking towards us….he looked at me and said, “i have to show the place to this girl….but i’ll rent it to you. i’ll send you the lease this week.”

and like that….i gots myself a place. the lease starts on september 1st. a month and half from now. a month and a half until om records. a month and a half until band rehearsal. a month and a half until i finally have a place that is all mine. a month and a half until i leave this state. and month and a half until i feel like i’m finally doing something with my life. and a month and a half until i have to stop hiding the dirty whores i bring home from the local bars from my folks.

let it slide….they can make it sound so nice….everybody’s got a price…