Herbie Hancock’s Future2Future

Herbie Hancock’s Future2Future, of course, blew me away. Go figure, right?

There’s something about Herbie that’s just incredibly fluid and emotional that truely speaks to me on a non-pretentious level that a lot of jazz can hit on quickly.

Aside from the super heavy keyboard mix, the DVD was rather incredible. Cool multiple angle features which were cool for the first 5 minutes then I forgot about them. Terri Lyne Carrington laid down funk and jazz grooves like there was no tomorrow. I also noticed she had a Remix cymbal. Matthew Garrison played the bass and really impressed me. Being the son of Jimmy Garrison must be a tough thing to ride on your shoulders, but he held his own and then some. Wow.

My only complaint was that the only Headhunters era song we got was Chameleon. I really would have loved to see a live version of Watermelon Man or Hornets from Sextent. Yum.

Regardless, it was a great Netflix find. Do it do it.

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