he should have at least played “dont treat me bad!”

buddychamp2 (9k image)001. Favorite band(s)? prince and the revolution, frank zappa circa 1981, then the tie for 3rd place: jane’s addiction, soul coughing, flaming lips
002. Do you enjoy concerts? most of the time, except when there is the dreaded shitty opening band syndrome
003. What was the last concert you attended? trans am at fort reno
004. Music you couldn’t live without? brian eno and thebobgreene.
005. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn’t care nor miss it? jay-z and all that shite
006. About how many CDs do you own? too many…too many, that they are actually insured
007. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time? 5 in my room, 6 in my car
008. Do you have a discman? emily has adopted it
009. What CD could you listen to for hours? the flaming lips’ soft bulletin, spinal tap soundtrack
010. Can you sing well? define “well”

How many CDs do you own by…
011. Britney Spears? 1 (it’s a promo single)
012. City High? Who? Mat High?
013. O-Town? 0
014. Eminem? Who? I like Peanut and Crunchy
015. Incubus? 2
016. Blink 182? 1
017. Everclear? I have a 7″ and it’s clear yellow!
018. Mandy Moore? 0
019. Backstreet Boys? 0
020. N’Sync? 0
021. Dr. Dre? Does NWA count?
022. Fuel? 2 (SHIMMER!)
023. Linkin Park? 0
024. Destiny’s Child? 0, but i should have one
025. Dream? 0
026. Korn? 0
027. Limp Bizkit? 1
028. Missy Elliot? 0
029. Nelly Furtado? 0
030. Jessica Simpson? 0
031. Christina Aguliera? 0
032. Eve 6? i think, but i am not sure
033. Sum 41? again, i think, but i am not sure
034. No Doubt? 0, but they were on letterman the night after me and jamie were, in 1995
035. Mariah Carey? 0

What comes to your mind when you hear…
036. Goo Goo Dolls? super mega guilty pleasure
037. Lifehouse? pooh
038. Vertical Horizon? isnt that a euphemism for a vagina?
039. Vitamin C? didnt matt mahaffey sleep with her?
040. LFO? low frequency oscillator?
041. Savage Garden? elle, cos (s)he’s a savage!
042. Papa Roach? high school jocks
043. The Bloodhound Gang? that hot girl on the show with the long hair
044. Toni Braxton? that dude at the post office’s name is that…woah!
045. 98 Degrees? i’m not sick, but i’m not well
046. Our Lady Peace? i saw them with jewel in 1995 at u-conn and jewel spent her whole show making fun of bjork….weeeee!
047. The Verve Pipe? this band is definately not verve

:: ketchup bottle on the table?
61.5% :: how else?
23.0% :: my god?! and not in a bowl?
15.3% :: duh…

3 Responses to “he should have at least played “dont treat me bad!””

  • ha ha. PS, MATT MAHAFFEY and VITAMIN C, can you imagine the offspring.

  • i made the list! wow….i feel so honored….

  • oh god, i haven’t thought of matt mahaffey since i saw him bussing tables at demos’ or waiting for a table. could’ve been either one.

    mat, do you remember seeing him there the night we ate with your parents? i think that was you?

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