I Am A Prince Addict

You know you are a Prince addict when you:

  • have a backup copy of Purple Rain on DVD (and VHS, if that still counts)
  • still have the postcard Devon sent you of Prince on the fridge (it’s been on 4 fridges thus far)
  • have a username at housequake.com
  • want to name your next cat, “Scarlet”
  • your most prized possession is the limited edition double album release of the Gold Experience on clear orange vinyl
  • threaten to have an all-Prince party one of these days (ok, I really only do that in my head)
  • have to refrain from replying to questions with, “Shut up already, DAMN!”
  • have over 12 gigs of Prince and related audio on your iPod
  • visit Minneapolis you try your hardest to visit First Avenue and look for the “Prince and the Revolution” star on the side
  • start thinking you were Prince in a past life
  • don’t think Chaos & Disorder was that bad
  • are speaking to someone who says something like “…when were at the roller rink in 1987.” You will immediately think to yourself, “Sign O’ The Times.” It’s purely a reflex action.
  • smile when you are in the used record stores and see John Prine
  • realize that IIWYG, ICNTTPOYM, IWBYL, SOTT, ATWIAD, & L4OA all mean something to you
  • mark June 7th as a holiday in your Palm Pilot
  • your Wife yells over, “YOU ARE KILLING ME, NO MORE PRINCE!”

I need help!

5 Responses to “I Am A Prince Addict”

  • you are wonderful. someone’s gotta love Prince that much. just don’t go Jehovah’s Witness… they are lame in any country.


  • note that the movies “under the cherry moon” and “graffiti bridge” are absent from this list because, in every life, a little rain must fall.

  • Heh.

    Some people stand by Graffiti Bridge. Never understood that.

    Personally, I thought Under the Cherry Moon wasn’t awful. The soundtrack is his most creative.

  • “your Wife yells over, ‘YOU ARE KILLING ME, NO MORE PRINCE!'”, hahahaha!!!

  • “Before the po-lice come.” Best execution of a lyric in a song EVER. I always get giddy when I hear that.

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