Boom – C Is For Crunk

There’s something intrinsically awesome about living in DC during the 4th of July at night. In no other place in the country can you walk out to your deck to see and hear fireworks in all directions. It’s all encompassing. Almost overwhelming. The war-like sights and sounds are completely breathtaking.

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  • From our vantage last night, we had the fireworks silhouetting the washington monument, shadows cast across the mall, and in the background, the last distant lightning strikes receeding into maryland’s horizons. Nature’s firewrks vs. ours.

  • For my fourth of July, I went high atop a hill in Pasadena, MD. Flanked by Baltimore’s finest, I watched as fireworks went off across Maryland. From our vantage point, we could see fireworks from 10 or more cities and towns. From Dunalk to Anapolis, over the crests of hills, I was able to watch as towns set off the their fireworks in a celebration of… well I guess technically it’s a celebration of freedom, but at least for those kind folks setting off their own fireworks all around me in the parking lot of a warehouse, they were celebrating their right to get drunk and endanger everyone around them. Thank goodness the night was salvaged by the baltimore fireworks over the inner harbor. We cranked up the “sound track” on 106.5 and played “american history trivia”. Because I bleed Red White and Blue, hon!


  • Man, that’s unfreaking-believable!

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