today ozzy is a man

So Ozzy (my frog) has a new home. It’s the de-luxe apartment in the sky. It’s the Double Tube Town. Complete with an air filter that actually cleans the rocks at the bottom. It’s nuts. This is one spoiled froggy. And today was a milestone for Ozzy. At 12.56pm EST, Ozzy successfully went from one tower to the other through the tube. He was very timid in his new home at first. But now he loves his new home and his spacious new rooms. And he is anxious to meet his cousin next week. His name is Eno. They will get along great and play all day while i am working. Woo!

This weekend one of the DJ’s (Elliot) here at work is having a Wedding Party at Olive’s in DC for all those that didnt get to go to the small NYC party. So that will occupy my Saturday with Emily. Then she has all these doctor’s appointments. Sunday i am chilling with the rents. I think they are coming over to my place to help me with my garden that is getting infested with something very nasty. Then i am going over to their place to install some extra RAM for my mother and father’s computer. Woo. Wu!

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