Weapons of Mail Destruction


Yes, this is an actual unaltered postcard I received here at work. Yes, it says it was “X-Rayed by the Office of Security.” I’ll repeat myself: This is an actual unaltered postcard. POSTCARD!

Little does the population of the world (and elsewhere) realize is that a postcard can actually carry weapons. Man, I sure feel safer that our tax dollars are spend x-raying postcards.

2 Responses to “Weapons of Mail Destruction”

  • Dude, you don’t know how small those killer robots can be made like man. You don’t even know.

    You accept some harmless looking post card, and then BAM! something jumps up like a transformer and starts going GINSU on you and your office-mates asses.!!!

    fear it.

  • Bwaahahaha, what a bunch-o B.S.!

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