Won’t You Come Out To Play

Production, lyrics and vibe-wise, Dear Prudence (the 2nd cut off of the Beatles’ White Album) has got to be the best song ever. At least for this record. I always was a John Lennon fan. I mean he is the cutest Beatle, right? I seem to never get sick of that cut. That repeating guitar in the right channel is stellar. And Ringo’s crash cymbal at the end of the first verse is so wild and overwhelming sonically. And the tamborine in the left channel that hits sporadically. You just simply can’t beat music like this. Oh and George Harrison’s lead in the left channel during the bridge. Damn. And to top it off the hand claps during the quasi-coda. I think any sort of hand claps can make or break a song. And quite often, make it. Heck, I can’t think of a song with hand claps that suffers from it. Ideas?

Ack. I can’t help myself.

3 Responses to “Won’t You Come Out To Play”

  • musical mandelay – for serious.

  • I have been trying to convince my husband for several weeks now that “Please don’t take your sunshine away” from the new Sparklehorse album is rather heavily inspired by Dear Prudence. Well that the polite way of putting it. “Run out of ideas” and “Wholesale rip-off” were a few of the stronger expressions I’d used.

  • Personally, I think handclaps are not beneficial to the BINGO song — you know, the one about the farmer who had a dog? But perhaps that’s a stretch.

    The White Album entire is one of my favorite albums of all time; and the older I get, the more interesting Revolution Number 9 sounds.

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