You Wanna, ‘Stay The Course’ ?

I am sure everyone has already seen this, but Phil Donahue shutting up Bill O’Reilly is up there with Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. When is Bill O’Reilly going to get syphilis?

And while Phil is inspirational in holding his ground on Fox, I wish this generation had a John Lennon to do this:

War is over if you want it - John Lennon and Yoko Ono war.jpg

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  • Wow! That was great. I’ve always liked Phil. He was really one of the first of the whole ‘daytime talk show’ thing, but he always maintained a degree of respect with his shows. Then the genre got taken over by the likes of Geraldo, Sally Jesse, and Maury. And smartly, Phil got out. You’re right: he’s no John Lennon. But he’s smart and it’s fun to watch him stand up to ‘Billy.’

  • Ooops.

    I had no intentions of comparing Phil to John… Sorry about that…

    I was, more so, asking the question if there was a ‘John Lennon’-type figure for this generation? Or even ours.

  • I knew what you meant. I guess I was the one who inadvertantly compared Phil to John. Sorry about that. I don’t think there can be a John Lennon in our time because John Lennon was for his time. Kurt Cobain was John-Lennon like in some ways, but also completely different in others – he wasn’t really all that political. I think Eddie Vedder comes kind of close to Lennon for the political statements. But he’s also completely unlike John in other ways. Basically, it’s not the 60s, man. Even John Lennon probably wouldn’t be ‘John Lennon’ today if he were alive. People like him are good at ‘reinventing’ themselves.

  • I don’t think there can be a John Lennon in our time because John Lennon was for his time.

    That was so well said.

    However, I don’t feel Kurt had many John Lennon qualities other than being put on a pedestal by the media.

    I still think Nirvana was the most overrated band from Seattle.

  • Oh well. We disagree on this for sure. I think Kurt Cobain was a genius. Simple song structure, for sure. But it worked. And he was deadly with the lyrics. I think Dave Grohl is also a genius, in his own right. And Krist Novoselic, well, he had a freakin’ great last name! I agree, though. Aside from a few similarities, there is really not that much of a parallel between Kurt and John. That was probably a bad mention on my part.

  • I can totally respect that…

    And I do actually like most of the Nirvana records (Bleach and Nevermind particularly) a whole helluva lot. Dave Grohl is one killer drummer as well…

  • Not to butt in, but I’m not the only one who thinks In Utero is one of the most overrated records ever?

    Still racking my brain with this John Lennon thing…

  • Yeah, you are not alone. I think In Utero was quite overrated and as much as everyone loves the production, I think it’s Albini’s worst. The drums sound so chalky to me. I can’t even listen to the music…

  • I read somewhere that In Utero almost bankrupted Albini. The majors hated his production on the record, while the independents thought he was too “big league” for them. It took him a few years to get his studio up and running again after the whole ordeal.

    “Chalky” is a great descriptor!

  • EXCELLENT POST! Time to DEL.ICIO.US this one. 😀

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