Good Morning, Sunshine. Welcome to Day 2.

Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn. The time change seems to work in our favor when we travel west. We never quite got the hang of it on the honeymoon. We’d wake up at 10, get out of the hotel by 11, miss breakfast and end up with brunch at noon… just in time for everything to close for the afternoon siesta. We eventually merged into the European lifestyle of waking early, napping and dining late, but it took a while.

On the West Coast, we’re morning people. We’ve been waking up at 6:30 every morning, which gives us plenty of time for laying on the bed and watching downloads of “The Office” before getting dressed and starting our day. What a life! (And Pam and Jim finally hooked up! How awesome is that? Anyone know when the new season starts?)

So Sunday morning, we had breakfast in the hotel. Reminded me of the little Dutch hotels with the cold serve-yourself breakfasts and the sterile super mod dining areas. But it served the purpose. Then we walked to the Experience Music Project and spent a few hours there.

The “Northwest Passage” exhibit chronicling the history of music in the NW USA, from Ray Charles and Quincy Jones to Queensryche and Pearl Jam was the best part. There was also an interesting though comparatively small section on the origins of hip-hop. (You can pick up the companion book, Yes, yes, y’all. Good book art.) And who knew Sir Mix-A-Lot was from Seattle? The fur-lined leather trench coat was even on display. That said, even old school pictures of him give me a chuckle. His anaconda don’t want none unless they got buns, hon.

Other than that, EMP was a bit of a letdown after visiting the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. That place is amazing. Most of EMP’s three levels are filled with DIY labs and studios to inspire the kids that even they can be Jimi, conference space, and an art gallery that charges an extra fee. Damn, for $20 a piece, I should have access to the whole place. Oh well.

Next, we walked back back towards Pike Place to the Ferry Terminal, picked up fish-n-chips at Ivar’s, and caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island, per Dennis’s suggestion. Totally not something we would have thought of ourselves, but very much worth it. The roundtrip ferry ride gave us the chance to see Seattle from a distance and get out on the water. It’s a great town and I hope to make it back again soon. Everyone’s friendly. The pace is easygoing. There are tons of good shops and restaurants. And there’s nothing better than a city on the water. Even if the temperature changes every ten feet.

Sunday evening, we had a laid-back dinner with the most smiley waiter in the world at Wasabi on 2nd Ave. I swear every time the guy came to our table, he had a smile on his face like he knew exactly what I was about to say and why, but he was going to let me put my foot in my mouth anyway. In any case, the sushi kicked ass.

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