Royal Farms’ Western Fries

First there was Waffle House. Then there was Wawa. Nobody ever told me about Royal Farms prior to moving to Baltimore. What was I missing?!

Man, I love their subs. They aren’t great, but you get to use those machines and never have to talk to anyone. It’s a stellar idea. And that my friend, rules. And their western fries are sickly amazing!


PS. Does anyone else play Sim City 4: Rush Hour? I need to get outside.

5 Responses to “Royal Farms’ Western Fries”

  • I’m am this close to starting to play Sim City. But I know it will mean the end of my self control. Soon after I’ll start smoking pot and eating cookies and walking around in my underwear. Not that any of those things is bad. I’m just saving them for retirement.

  • I wish I could play. I haven’t watched anime in weeks!

  • Dont wait that long!

    It’s so good. All about cookies and walking around in my underwear… It’s the only serious way to live 😉

  • We’ll my friend, Royal Farms may rock but I guess you just haven’t been introduced to Sheetz and their Schmuffins yet! Subz, sandwichez, etc. They are Fan-freakin…

  • Sim City 4 is pure evil. So many potentially productive hours gone forever, entire days have vanished in the ether because of it’s firm grip on my addictive control-freak personality. Do you have the Rush Hour Expansion Pack?

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