Mussorgsky Was The Shit

Today, we went to the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall to see Heavenly Beauty conducted by Peter Oundjian as performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The author, Mario Livio, was also there making comments and tweaking the performance off and on. He was very concerned about the lighting of the conductor. This performance was part of the Free Fall promotion going on in downtown Baltimore. What a great idea. Free stuff in the arts for everyone in the city. You got to love that. And we’re going to try and take advantage of more of it.

So it was more or less a dress rehearsal. Regardless of what it was, it was awesome. The whole experience was backdropped with stellar photos from the Hubble Telescope. There were a bunch of shots I hadn’t ever seen either. They also did Night On Bald Mountain before Heavenly Beauty which was a total blast from the past for me as we performed that in High School in concert band. Good times. Back when I could really read music. There’s something about Night On Bald Mountain that is so insanely evil.

Mussorgsky is the shit and you can quote me.

Christopher Theofanidis was the composer of Heavenly Beauty and it was pretty heavenly. Aside from Carl Orff there are few mainstream modern classical composers that really move me and I was quite impressed. Great dynamics. Great changes. Great flow. Avoidance of classical clichés. Who’ve thunk it.

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