Pulex Irritans

For the past couple weeks (and for the next few months) I have been working as a contractor to my ex-contractor once or twice a week at my past employer. It’s good money. It’s easy work. I get to ride the train. And during the “design” stages of the studio build-out, it simply makes sense as I am not really needed physically as much. It will also pay for this.

However, I was pretty grossed out at work yesterday. There are a few secretaries in the office. Some do certain things. Others the other things. Many do nothing. (Remember this is your hard earned tax dollars!) But there is this one that had her head bent over and her hair laid out on her desk and she was brushing it. And then she was looking at her desk as if she was cleaning her hair or something and looking at the remains. What’s odd is it doesn’t look like she brushes her hair often. I am dumbfounded. You gotta love government lackeys.

I [heart] people like this.

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