The Office and Weeds

I have to admit that some of the best time spent with Emily is spent sleeping in after downloading Weeds and The Office from iTunes and watching it in bed with Frankie. (And Tibbs too, now.)

These, my friend, are the days.

PS. The ending of Season Two of Weeds was quite possibly the best cliffhanger for a TV program. I kid you not.

2 Responses to “The Office and Weeds”

  • Man, I miss The Office. If iTunes would let up a little on their player requirement I could actually buy form them, but my computer’s too old to support the newest Quicktime.

  • Weeds… hmm. Never heard of it. But then again, my brain has been out of t.v. for a long time. Pitiful! I must come back to the land of pop culture.

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