My Record Collection Sale

So the time has come to finally go through all my CDs that I just simply don’t listen to anymore and sell them. We have three cases for our CD collection. Each one holds about 500 CDs. My goal was to get rid of one of the cases. And we did it pretty successfully in this last move. So I finally got most of the CDs that are listed in up and ready to sell. The rest that are either out of print, not in the system or bootlegs will go up on ebay or will be yard sale’d.

Take a look through the list. If there is something you’d like, let me know and I will sell it to you for $1 cheaper than the price. Of course you’d still have to pay for shipping and handling unless you live nearby and want to pick it up. 😉

The link to is here.

4 Responses to “My Record Collection Sale”

  • Oh… ’tis the season for me to buy crap for myself.

    I looked through quickly and will look again when I get home. Should I buy through or just send you an email?


  • Let me know which ones you want. I can take the price down for you and I think there’s a way to bundle shipping from one seller.

    Or we can do it off of

    S’up to you.

    Word and thanks!

  • Hey, I was just listening to Seed’s “Ling” this weekend — one of the more underappreciated albums of the 90’s, methinks. I hear they turned into a thrash metal band and finally gave up when that didn’t stick.

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