but i am my own boyfriend, i’d be cheating on myself

phonewall jackson (7k image)Last Friday:: Got up at 6.30am to the sound of Nan singing me and Emily to a crazed and angry stuper. Then had Emily’s Father come in and say “get up” or something to that notion. Eventually we all packed in the car and headed for Canton, OH. Bob talked a lot. I taped a lot of it via my green/yellow minidisc. I didnt get sick. Or as sick as i had planned. Bob did give me those cool ass wrist bands to excite my pressure points and help me from puking. I think i am going to single handedly bring back wrist bands. hell yeah. Friday night we went to the Luau for the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. We sat with the Pastor or something. He really liked Jesus. And talked a little about those books with Nan and Bob.

Saturday:: Me and Emily tried to go to the pool at the country club/pool (I’ve never seen so many white peoeple in one place before.) But it was overcast and a little too chilly so we only got ankle deep in the water. The party was extravagant and catered to 400 people, but right out of a wedding magazine. But the kicker was the fact that the groom put us with all his frat boy friends from college. We thought it was a mean joke. I guess we were just leftovers.

Sunday:: We drove back and watched Kris puke a lot. Bob really got a kick out of that. Bob trips me up. We talked a lot about Alan Freed and the history of radio and the breakthrough of rock and roll in mainstream radio. I dont think he realized i’ve been studying this for over 10 years on my own and got a degree in Music Business/Recording Industry. Still much fun was had last weekend even though i’ve decided that Ohio people are one of the most silly people next to Tennesseans. They still get the prize. And yeah, i am full myself, but i deserve it. Be full of yourself. You’ll feel better and people like you when you are full of yourself. But only if you invented the internet. Or was that AOL? Fuck Bush and Regan. Idiots. Learn to delegate, like a real woman.

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