it takes a “c” to orgasm across the room

britney-pointing (10k image)Friday night after work me and the Emily headed over to Cafe Zen. We were supposed to hang out with one of Emily’s friends for happy hour, but she flaked. I guess cos she’s flakey. Just like corn flakes. Anyways… The first time I had Cafe Zen was a few weeks ago at her Father’s place. I got some sort of Tofu Chicken Cashew deal. It was pretty damn awful. It’s really hard eating vege food after eating Yuan Fu’s which is the best. Anyways. It seemed we were there for a long while just talking and eating and what not. It was nice. Good conversation is really hard to find these days. It was nice not getting impatient with Emily and wanting to just get out of there. I just wanted to hear more from her. I can’t believe how interesting our conversation is. I mean it’s not like we’re are the be all and end all and the most mofo profound talkers ever, but she definately holds my interest more so than any a lot of other people. She just has a conviction and intelligence like no other. Regardless of my “profound experience” at dinner we both got fortune cookies after dinner. Mine was something like “You will try something new” — And Emily’s was “You will travel” — I am doomed!

yeah, and everyone wants to fuck me

After dinner we headed to the Senator to see Gosford Park directed by Robert Altman. The Senator is a great theatre in Baltimore. Similar to that of the Uptown in DC. Of course Uptown had better sound, seats and ambiance. But hey, we all cant be perfect. It was a nice old theatre from the 30s, like Uptown. The movie was quite good. Not a typical “Mat” movie. But even through the hard to understand british dialects, that fucking annoying as shit Ryan Phillllelelepiepipeie, and wanting to see Emily Watson naked, i really enjoyed it. If you get the chance and don’t like Julia Roberts you may like this movie.

On Saturday me and Emily went to the farmer’s market. My god. That shiznit is the mofo bomb ass. And yes, “White People Is You Funky?” We got lots of stuff for the turkey soup Emily decided to make. Emily even bought me some strawberry raspberry jam, some green grapes and lactose-free yogurt. So after we got back, we had a great farmer’s market breakfast including bread and jam, bread and lactose-free cheese, oranges, and banana nut bread. Then we started the broth for the soup and then Brea came to take photos of me and Emily nude. Turned out Brea brought 2 kinds of film for two different kinds of light, so she only got through Emily, as she took too many shots with the one kind of film and wanted the shots to be consistant. So I think I’ll be shot next week or sometime. I am just excited to be around all this creativity again. Keeps me happy like no other. It also doesnt hurt seeing your girlfriend nude all day being shot by a relatively attractive friend of hers.

After the shoot, I worked a lot on my photo gallery, that Peter help me set up. Peter is the mother fucking bomb ass digity. I spend a lot of time importing all those pictures last nite. But if Peter had not helped me with the software, i’d have been coding that shit until next week. Peter es muy rockingo.

It’s now Sunday morning. Emily is still sleeping, and I woke up early. We watched X-Men last night. I sorta like that movie. I had seen it before, so I didnt find it too bad for falling asleep early. I guess that’s why I am up early. And later today I am heading out to the State Theatre for Elliot’s Super Bowl party! Woo! Party. I am looking forward to this. It’s been a long while since DC101 had a big promotion. Yeah DC101!

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