Talk To Me, Barack Obama

I am not making any judgments right now about the next Presidency, but I have to say that after watching this video (and others recently) that I can’t think of the last time I was inspired by our President. And I know you’ll say, “What about Clinton?” And it’s true, he was inspiring, but it feels like eons ago. And I just can’t remember when. There is something about Obama’s passion that really gets me going. He’s a breath is fresh air. He gets it. But I hope he doesn’t loose it after he becomes more “Washington”.

PS. Thanks April for the video.

2 Responses to “Talk To Me, Barack Obama”

  • Edwards is my man this time around, but Obama is more than satisfactory.

  • What I love about him is the fact that 1) he is biracial like me so he understands both worlds as I do (and I mean racially) 2) The fact that after being editor of the Harvard Law Review, he ended up spending many years doing grassroots politics for communities. I can’t say that Edwards or anyone else did that in the heart of very needy, very poor areas. Yes, I have thought of Clinton too, but what really made me make the call, was that he opposed the war in Iraq since the beginning. Clinton backed it up like every other democrat. Hilary has done wonders for women though. If only they would run together, they would be unstopable.

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