11 Responses to “Studios Logo Vote v1”

  • I like #1 and #2 the best (I voted for #1). #1 has a breezier, more energetic feel, but I think it’d benefit from more line weight contrast — which is what #2 has — and the word “Studios” on #1 needs a bit more breathing room at the top.

    The typefaces in #3 and #4 are an interesting attempt to blend two styles, but you’ll need more than just a typeface change to pull it off; and that typeface feels dated in a bad kinda way.

  • I agree with Thud. “studios” needs to be moved down a little bit. I like the ears, but they get cut off by the banner and you lose the effect. I, too, voted for 1, but I like 2 for how clean it is and how you can really see the ears.

    1 or 2 for sure.

    Love yas!!!

  • I agree with both Thud and Awapy. I had a hard time choosing between 1 and 2. I like the clean look of 2, but I think 1 is more eye catching. Studios should be less cramped. Good job Em!

  • I like #2. And I think your first promotion should be to make belt buckles out of the logo.

  • #2 is easily my favorite. Bold font, simple, with decorative aspects more in the background, allowing the name and subtext to really stand out. I feel that the “sash” on #1 and #3 are distracting, and that the font on #4 doesn’t really fit with the style of the “plaque,” which I love.

  • haha! I just viewed the larger image (fancy flashwork! 😉 and realized that those are ears. Cute!

  • Ely – That was my first reaction, too. And I am totally doing that. Hells yeah. You get one too. Great minds.

    Eric – No flash on this site. It’s the Lightbox 2 plugin. Javascript baby!

  • Oh man, I’d love a belt buckle of the logo!

  • echo echo echo. i love #1, but the word “studios” needs to be dropped a lil bit.

    nice work emily!

  • Kris said “if you would have put a bullet hole through it, it would have been more ‘m0bt0wn’ “… either way, I like the upper left one best. 😉

  • #1 but yeah, “Studios” needs to get moved down just a tad. That way for the studio’s anniversary (which hopefully you will have many!), you can get it tattooed on you somewhere.

    However, if you do go with #2 and make belt buckles and I don’t get one, I will be very sad.

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