And The Beat Goes On

Here we go!

This week chose a General Contractor for the studio build-out! We sent proposals to five GCs, a few weeks ago. Two weeks later we received a few bids back and chose a GC this past Monday. We actually used him for a few small details before selling our house in DC. We simply liked his honesty, attention to detail and no contractor BS. That and he likes Charles Mingus.

Today we went to Donna’s in Charles Village to go over more details and to iron out some items in question. Their turkey burger and sweet potato fries with sea salt is most excellent.

It’s a little nutty to think we’re going to have this project completed this summer and we’ll have a child, too! It’s a bit overwhelming. Everyday I get more and more excited.

PS. We will be looking for painters for the studio. Inquire within. We’ll pay on trade (studio time) and beer & pizza, as usual.

4 Responses to “And The Beat Goes On”

  • Duh! Painter here! Actually, babysitter here, too! =) For some reason, I’m a kid whiz. They love me. Then again, you have a plethora of grandparents to choose from.

    Might take you up on that trade offer since I don’t do beer or pizza. Perhaps we can lay down my first album. Maybe make my American Idol audition tape. HA!



  • We can work around any dietary needs. We’re flexible like that.

    “Mobtown, we know tummies, yo.”

  • So you’re discouraging my American Idol dreams?!?!? I coulda been somethin’!

  • A decent, no BS contractor? You’ve found just what I need! I have so much work that needs to be done around the house, and I am a bumbling incompetent with anything involving tools.

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