John Connor leads the Resistance to victory

Yesterday I watched Terminator 3 and Clear and Patriot Games. Both of which I had seen before, but did not realize it until ¾ of the way in. To both. I rule.

What was even better was that I picked up T3 at Blockbuster but when I got home, T2 was in the T3 box. I even went back to get T3. Luckiy our Blockbuster is just south of the Park. The guy at Blockbuster as he’s changing out the discs goes, “Do you still want this?” – I replied with confidence “Hells yeah.” Inside I think the employee was shaking his head.

3 Responses to “John Connor leads the Resistance to victory”

  • Ha, this is a great story.

  • One time we rented the South Park movie on VHS. When we got home and put it in, The Land Before Time Part 7 came on instead. (Remember that Disney dinosaur movie? There are like a dozen straight-to-video sequels.) We watched it for like 10 minutes before we decided, “No, this isn’t just some elaborate joke Trey Parker and Matt Stone pulled.” Someone had swapped labels on the tapes or something. We didn’t mention it to the video store, figuring the enjoyment factor of someone else getting punked by annoying little animated dinosaurs was worth the $4. I think this makes me a misanthrope.

  • Man, I haven’t seen those movies in a couple of YEARS!

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