yes we are the coolest couple, ever…

treehouse (9k image)So this weekend was prolly the most relaxing one i’ve had in months. Me and Emily decided last week to go camping. So we did. Words cant describe it, but i will try.

Thursday night me and Emily went to REI to pick up some random stuff to go camping. I picked up a new sleeping bag as my other one got destroyed in the famous car wreck. Fucking bitch. So we did that. Then we got a 3 month two person tent. It’s even stylish! And it matches my sleeping bag! A ground tarp. Some bug repellant. A gas lantern. Some eating utensils. Yes, we got the titanium spork. Fucking shit! Ok, so yeah. I’ve been camping a lot before. But never on my own with my own equipment. So an adventure it was to be. Then we went to Fresh Fields to get food. We got soups, apples, granola bars, turkey jerky sans nitrates and monosodium glutemate (my new favorite food), apple juice, chicken dogs, and lots of water. We also got some banana chips. I even brought along my Phish CD for the drive there. I crack myself up. We even snagged a cooler from WBIG. Thanks Nellisa!

So we drove through Burkittsville, MD to get to Gapland, MD where we were staying. The place was called Tree House Camp at Maple Tree. They even had outdoor showers! But too bad they were broken. So Friday night we got there around 5pm. We pitched the tent in no longer than 10 mins. Oh yeah, and i really put my new car to the test getting up the hill to the grounds. I thought we were gonna die. This hill wasnt too bad if it was normal road, but it was rocks. Eek. I thought we were gonna slide down the whole way! But we made it.

After we got the tent pitched we started making a fire. I tried to remember everything from cub scouts (dont touch me there!), and camping at Green Acres Camp. And i was pretty successful. We had a blazing fire in around 45 mins. Emily did get it going full force by blowing on it a little. She thought that was quite fitting. Har har. So we cooked our chicken dogs and had apple juice. And later during the night we roasted marshmellows. I took some time lapse pictures and then we hit the sack. We had a big day ahead of us. But before that we put out the fire with some water. We went to sleep or rather I did. And around 1am or sometime around that, Emily woke me up saying, “Mat, the fire is roaring!” I thought she was just messing with me, but none the less it was. I still totally thought someone was playing a sick joke. Then i remembered all those ghost stories we used to tell at camp. Then i started freaking out. But we both eventually went out there and really put out the fire. Then we really went to bed. No bears. Happy Mat and Emily. No bears! Still pretty freaky.

I woke up to the sound of a woodpecker. Woody really is annoying at 7am. Our Kyaking trip didnt start until 10.30 so we went back to sleep for a bit. We woke up just prior to that and headed to River and Trail Outfitters right near West Virginia on the Potomac River. I had prolly been there a dozen times doing White Water Rafting and Kyaking before. It hadnt really changed much. But then again, nothing’s really changed much in that area. We met up with our guide, Curry and we waited for the 3 others. A father and his two kids he was trying to “do good” to. So sorry. Idiots thought that hydration was Mountain Dew. I guess caffeine hydrates idiots. I never felt so informed. We headed out to the river and introduced ourselves. Curry was pretty cool. Tall, skinny, big bearded, well defined chest and bear chested. Your typical run of the mill river guide. We were on our intro to Kyaking lesson. It was very beginner, but fun none the less. We spent like 30 mins taking about safety and gear. Then we hit the river. Curry was mad cool. He has been kyaking for years if not a decade. He went to UNC and majored in Iron Sculpture. Tres cool. Wants to go on the road with it too. Very ambitious. He even had cool food and not the typical fried chicken and watermelon. We had bagels, deli meat, carrots, peanut butter, pretzles and coconut cookies! Very cool. Curry is the man! The Potomac never looked so pretty. We even ripped up some CCR and layed in to Proud Mary a capella. Rollin’… Rollin’…

After kyaking we went back to camp to score another fire. This time it was much harder. We got mad frustrated. We finally did it and went to bed. But i took some more pictures before. We slept like babies. Then we got up in the morning and headed out to the flea markets in West Virginia. Nothing but confederate crapola. Nothing cool.

So this weekend was the refreshing weekend i’ve needed for months. I didnt even once think of work, email or a SCSI card. That was cool. Since we have all the gear me and Emily are planning to go camping once or every other month. It’s a good thing. Do yourself a favor and dont shower for three days. You’ll thank me. But it is great to be back and pictures will be up tomorrow morning. To the left.

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