The Record Stacks

I admit I have a few pet peeves. Ok, I have a lot of pet peeves. But one pet peeve of mind is something I can control.

My record collection is always growing and constantly being listened to. In turn, there are stacks of CDs and records that end up where they aren’t supposed to be. Most notably, they end up on top of the record cabinets. Towers of them.

I think part of me has held back from putting them away because in the last move I didn’t pack the CDs away correctly and many of them got horribly out of order. So when I unpacked them and put them away in to the cabinets with my Father, they were only organized in a macro-type fashion really only by first alphabetical letter. So you could have say, Sun Ra‘s Space Is Place next to Superchunk‘s Incidental Music 1991-1995. It has pissed me off to no end for the past few months. Not to mention, it’s incredibly hard to find anything you are looking for in a timely manner. But in reality, if I didn’t get it done before the baby came, it never would have been done.

Now it’s micro-alphabetized and I am happy. I feel more at ease. I think I might even sleep better tonight. I rule.

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  • Yeah, I feel you on that. I get a little edgy when I have a few dozen discs scattered about with open slots on the shelves where they should return. My wife is the biggest culprit.

    Sun Ra segueing into Superchunk… I might have to try that.

  • My problem is that my CD shelf isn’t big enough. I have CDs on top of CDs and next to CDs. I’m trying to keep things neat and organized but it’s getting tough.

    At least the family knows that I know every CD or record that I have so if they borrow something it’d better be back before I get home.

  • I seriously have mine organized by a random system that consists of grouping bands that I think of in the same light together. This does not always stick to genre though it does mostly. After that the placement of such groups is totally random. I find it easy to find things when scanning my cd shelf mostly.. since i merely need to make an assocation with 1 band in the area i’m looking and then I usually find it.

    I’m sure alphabetizing would work too, but i’ve been way too lazy for that.

  • Nope. I disagree. I think you are just seriously nesting! Kidding.

  • Mike – That’s a pretty interesting way to organize. It’s almost like tagging in the blogworld. Could you give me some examples or is it totally personal?

  • I imagine if I had a 1500 CDs instead of ~320 it probably wouldn’t be as manageable.

    Example might be SKA mixed with Squirrel Nut Zippers and Cake. Why.. cause cake uses some horns (or one horn) rather frequently.

    Or the Dischord section. Or Talking Heads mixed with David Bowie and the Who.

    I think in the end many of my discriminating factors lie upon some commonality and how many CDs from each group i have. The commonalities constantly change. In the end it tends to be whatever I need to put less effort into..

    A lazy mans way to organize.

  • Guilty! I leave CDs all over the place. They’re by the TV instead of on the CD shelf, stacked on the floor next to the CD shelf, all over the car. It’s awful. I just don’t have the room to fit them on the shelf anymore. I’m actually bordering on selling some of my collection to pay some bills, but I’d rather sell all the furniture than my CDs.

  • I’d sensed a little of the agitation in you lately. Glad you got it sorted out. Mike, your technique sounds a little like mine, except mine might be even a little less logical, if that’s possible.

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