crystal 60 miles an hour regret round and round

peter hook is god (12k image)Things to do::

  • buy stock in snack master’s turkey jerky (no msg/nitrates free range grown)
  • learn the bass to ceremony by joy division/neworder
  • learn the bass
  • buy a flying v bass
  • get daniel’s ass down here (two more weeks!)
  • finish omr003 (two years?!)
  • start/finish websites with emily
  • button making site/om records site/olympus mons studio workspace website
  • buy stock in newman’s own food
  • get a job at anthropolgie so me and emily and have fun
  • get a raise
  • see bob dylan next week
  • hope for a photo pass from emily’s father
  • stop eating turkey jerky like a pig
  • continue eating turkey jerky like a pig, cos it’s damn fine
  • continue to wash my car semi-regularly
  • get dinner with zander
  • rule the world
  • see an oval sound installation
  • silver sessions tour 2003!
  • read more on upper/lower harmonics and sybalance
  • master the art of midi
  • master the art of vc (voltage control)
  • buy an anthrax cd
  • do another post card exchange with om’ers
  • party up
  • travel with emily
  • end this post

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