LOST Season 3 Finale Thoughts

Was anyone else completely disapointed with last night’s LOST finale?

If this was Season 1, I doubt I’d have the interest to start again in the fall.

What did everyone else think?

Does everyone think that Charlie is really dead? And what’s up with him doing what he did. He didn’t have to die then, did he? He could have easily been on the other side of that hatch, right? What’s up with Jack and Freckles in the future? I guess they get off the island. I thought that was kind of obvious though. Is it really the future? We learn the freighter off the island is not related to Penny. But who is it related to? Eh.

This ending really was such a horrible cliffhanger. Unless I am missing something completely.

I guess my main frustration is that in the end of Season 1 and 2, there were semi-answers that led to serious questions. At the end of Season 3, we’re just kind of left with stale bread.

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  • My thought on why Charlie couldn’t get out of the hatch is that maybe the door didn’t latch and seal from the other side — or that he couldn’t get to the other side in time because it all happened so quick. I don’t know, but I thought Charlie’s death was fitting. If he comes back, that will completely ruin it. I ranted about Charlie a bit in my blog, because I am dork, and I can’t help it — I love him. I swear it has nothing to do with my association with hobbits. … at least, not much to do with it.

  • Aw fuck me. I knew I forgot to watch something, I’d meant to, also. I usually just wait for the DVD releases because that way I can just vegg out for three days and watch all the episodes in one … or two … or four … sittings.

  • I thought it was brilliant. I fell like I’ve got 10,000 questions now. And a few answers I’ve been looking for.

    I’m so happy Tom is dead, what a fucker.

  • I thought it was a great season finale, but am horrified to think we must wait until February 2008 before another episode will grace the television.

  • Are you serious, Laundro???
    Last night’s Lost, was for me, THE BEST, THE BEST couple of hours of T.V I have EVER EVER seen!!!!! I mean, EVER!!!
    You can’t tell me that you knew they were gonna get off the island then, surely? Not after what Ben said and finding out that the ship was nothing to do with Penny?? It does appear to be the future and maybe only a few of them got off the Island and that’s why Jack needs to go back??? BUT,Jack said to the doctor (forgot his name)somin along the lines of ‘You think i’m drunk, you get my dad down here and see iff i’m drunker than him’.. somin like that.. well, if it’s the future his dad is long dead!! maybe he’s just pissed up and confused but ya can’t be sure..
    Pretty sure Charlie is dead.. i haven’t been that upset infront of a T.V since E.T nearly died and i was about 11 then!! For Charlie to have somehow survived that, would be a bit far fetched and i think he went out in a massivly honourable why. he’s a legend…
    Lets not forget HURLEY!!!! He kicked ass!!
    I’m gonna go watch it again now, need to be sure it’s the future.. ooh, 1 more thing.. I’m guessin everyone thinks it’s Ben in the coffin????
    Bring on Feb 2008!!!!!!!

  • “Pretty sure Charlie is dead..”

    He is; his contract with ABC’s been terminated. He aint comin back…


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