don’t believe the hype, read the science

emily_phone (8k image)So Elliot’s Super Bowl Party was last night. I was sorta looking forward to it. I honestly have no clue why. I guess cos most DC101 events are pretty fun. It had nothing to do with the football at hand nor the Britney action during the commercials that was inevitable. I actually got there really early. I left 2 hours to get to Falls Church, VA from Baltimore, MD. That was ample time for a directionless fool to find the place. Needless to say I got lost many of times and bailed myself out a few times after directing my ass out of NE through SE through SW. But I finally got back on 295-S -> 495-W -> VA-7 when I called Laura (the girl i am moving in with in June) for more specific directions to actually find the venue. Luckily she lives one street off the main exit of VA-7. So she directed me there perfectly. Why am i so incredibly bad with directions? I mean I can get there, and once I do, I’ll never get lost again. Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares. Anyways. The Party was pretty boring. There were so many people. It was very condusive to socialize and watch the game together. So after I got the shots I needed for the site, I split. But before that I had a pulled-pork sandwich, just to be a little sacriligious. god it feels good.

maria is just like any jewish grandmother

Today was pretty standard. I came in a little early to shoot some pictures of this local boxer who is now national and then Flickerstick came in to croon us. I kinda like them. Bad mat. Bad mat. And I totally shouldnt like them cos the lead singer is semi-attractive and I hate that shit. (sans Bon Jovi of course) Especially girl girls. Girls who like bands cos they think the musicians are hot make me sick. SICK I TELL YOU! And you know who you are. Anyways. After lunch me and Laura looked at the house we are moving in to. I am just excited I can walk to Fresh Fields and Blockbuster and the tennis courts. We even have a garage. I guess me and Laura will alternate weeks or months. Whatever. It’s very ‘burbs, but I like that shit. I am contemplating living in the basement. There are three floors. 3.5 baths, including a full bath in the basement. I like that kind of privacy plus there is a pool table there and a den where I will most likely be able to rebuild my studio. Who knows. It’s just exciting. And yes, Mini Rainbow Chips Deluxe will someday rule the world.

Quote of the day: “Those kids are wild!” – nrs

CAMERA : E5000V1.6
SHUTTER : 1/46sec
EXP +/- : 0.0
FOCAL LENGTH : f7.1mm(X1.0)
DATE : 2002.01.27 12:00

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  • tell me you are moving to VA?!?!?!? i’m right down the road from the state theatre homie. i am assuming this chick laura and you are staying in md, but that is too bad.

  • hell no…laura lives there…she’s moving with me to rockville

    nice try though 🙂


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