Gulden’s Mustard Yellow

While changing Lily’s diaper this morning, Emily intergected, “I tasted my breast milk today. Now I know why Catherine’s friend used it in coffee. It’s like creamer and sugar all in one.”

But before Emily could finish her sentence and just as I was taking off Lily’s dirty diaper from the night, I hear: [insert atomic squirt sound here]

Woooo! 2 for 1 poop’s all around! And all over the changing table. This is becoming the story of my life. Luckily I didn’t get a triple header like yesterday and the day before. Thanks goodness she’s oodles of cuteness and she doesn’t mind getting her diaper changed all that much.

And then Emily said, “You are going to have to taste this. But you can try it from my finger. You don’t have to try it from my nipple.”

3 Responses to “Gulden’s Mustard Yellow”

  • And so start the poop posts.

    If it matters, and perhaps we can have a small poll, I would prefer continued boob milk coverage over poop reports. But that’s just me =)

  • You guys are deliciously strange. And happy one week to the little one.

  • Secret poop tip: Don’t bother with changing table covers. The changing pads are plastic anyway. Covers just add more laundry.

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