assez lent tres vif et nerveux grave total time 77:00

bdylan (6k image)Yesterday was the lazy saturday i have needed for months. Emily and myself did hardly nothing. We went to Fresh Fields to get some random groceries. We slept a little and then went to Barnes and Noble to get books on New England for our mad huge road trip. Of course this place sucks me in and i went in to the music section to find some CDs i had been looking to get for a while. I picked up:

Powaqqatsi by Philip Glass
and Arcana * Ameriques * Ionisation by Edgar Varese

But it didnt stop there. I found some great books on acoustics. And a book on travelling through New England by tent. Picked up:

Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics (2nd Edition) by Arthur H. Benade
and The Best in Tent Camping – New England – A Guide for Car Campers who hate RVs, Concrete Slabs and Loud Portable Stereo’s by Lafe Low.

So that was that…we looked through a lot of travel books of New England. We also looked for books on Iceland but had no such luck. Oh well. I guess Iceland doesnt really exist. Like Rhode Island.

After the bookstore experience we came home and found the air conditioning to be broken. Great…my fucking luck. The dead middle of the summer and our box breaks. So we all (Laura, her friend Laura, Emily and myself) decided to head down the street (litterally) to the movies and check out the new Austin Powers flick. All in all it was funny. But outside of the copius cameos and the awful product placement the movie was not all that it was cracked up to be. I mean yeah, it was funny, but the mac logos, the aol logons, the starbucks cup, britney spears (exception). It was just excessive. Considering it was a part three, it was pretty damn funny. Can you say that about any other three part comedy? Have there ever been any three part comedies?

Today is Bob Dylan in Baltimore. Emily’s Father got us Media Passes which i hope allows us to take photos. We’ll see!

“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

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