anyone got a diaper

green_purple_bra (12k image)things that rock right now:

:: that 2nd track on the Finch CD
:: loud drums
:: when people don’t merge in to the side of your car on 270
:: camera strobes that confuse the fuck out of me
:: emily and her recent olympus mons records logo and web design
:: emily (newly appointed power girlfriend) putting me on the same stage as sir bob dylan
:: ozzy and eno
:: my upcoming 10 day road/camping new england/ohio/ny(c) trip with emily
:: daniel is moving his muzak stuff this weekend
:: we might jammy jam
:: more like jelly
:: next week he is moving for good
:: my a/c was fixed this morning
:: i am still sweating
:: i gave mulligan and lulu catnip treats this morning
:: what it is to burn
:: there will come a day when celine dion will die
:: i will chuckle
:: the discovery channel rocks me like a hurricane
:: hannah is getting married!
:: the people i work with are just about as crazy as i am
:: mark bought me a scanner yesterday
:: then we took the WMZQ truck to get mini-donuts and slurpees!
:: i will go home today to working a/c
:: hannah had a nooner today
:: well sorta
:: and tim just changed his pants in front of me
:: 2 against 3 in a 4/4 time is the best
:: 7 against 8 is even better in 3/4
:: i love opto-isolators more than life

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