Nikon D1X and A Visit From Grammy

Last week I sold my dSLR. I traded the Nikon D1 in for the D1x. I really wanted a few extra pixels and better color.

Here are the improvements:

  • Selectable color space mode (sRGB or Adobe 1998)
  • Textual custom functions (5 languages)
  • ISO sensitivity selectable in 1/3 or 1/2 stops (D1X from ISO 125, D1H from ISO 200)
  • RAW file optional lossless compression mode (2:1)
  • Less noise at high ISO’s
  • One-button playback with magnification capability
  • 5.9mp sensor!

I mainly upgraded because of the color balance with the D1 was a little out of wack and I hated processing the pictures after the fact. I contemplated the D40 as it got great reviews and Feetnik is very happy with hers. But I really liked the fact that the D1 series were all designed around the Nikon F5 film camera. But for someone who needs a lightweight dSLR, the D40 is perfection. The color is completely spot on with the D1x. I love it. And the extra megapixels are what I always needed. I also have decided to only shoot in RAW format now. It’s just more hi-fi that way. iPhoto imports them as well, so it’s a match made in heaven. And if you ever need a quality used camera, I can only recommend KEH.

And on a side note, I took a few shots last night before going to bed with the ISO boost feature. It jumped the ISO to 3200! And I think I captured a spirit in doing so. It’s clearly moving in a few of the pictures. And there was no flash used and with my naked eye there was no reflections from the hanging lamp at all.� We have some awesome spirits in this house. Perhaps Grammy? FYI, the large light is an actual hanging lamp. It’s the small light that is the object in question. Any ideas? Orbs are awesome, huh?







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