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We’re in the process of making business cards for the recording studio and we’re inclined not to simply display OWNER. Please take our poll. You’ll feel better. And we will, too. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment. Then we’ll add them here.

Update: Cards are in production. Thanks for playing!


23 Responses to “Business Card Title Poll”

  • may i suggest “BOSS OF EVERYTHING” for both of you.

  • The advantage of “owner” is that no one has to ask what that means — everything else is more vague. Also, “Chairman of the Board” is cute but it may have legal ramifications (since you are implying that there is a board).

  • There is no implying. There is a board.

  • Business Loanee for both

  • One of you should be Pootie, the other should be Tang.

  • I like the direction this thing is heading. Mayor of Audioville.

  • I like “proprietor,” personally. Either that or “Cap’n Awesome.”

  • Okay a SOUND board doesn’t help. Legally a board does mean a board of directors in a publicly held corporation or LLC (another type of corp). Sorry to go all lawyer on ya, but I wouldn’t do it.

    How bout Owner & Creative Genius/Organizer/Office Manager for Emily and Owner & Technical Genius/Engineer for Mat? Or Owner & Genius/Manager/Operator for both? I’ve seen a lot of Owner and some other working role – as in I work here but its my business too so I actually care and do a decent job.

    I’d do a card that says the name big, like Joe Blow, Owner on one line and then on the bottom above contact info do the title in bold but same size smaller print as phone and email.

  • Wait, who’s going to sue me for saying I am the chairman of the board on a business card?! Are you kidding me?! Like for real.

    Our business is also an LLC for all the people out there that want to sue me. And what for, again?!

    Will the church sue me for saying i am a sound evangelist?

    Is there something I am missing?!

  • Americans are law suit happy! And many are literally crazy. Why do you think there are SO many lawyers? You incorporated, LLC is a smart choice as it protects personal assets. Some lawyer or advisor helped there… ask them. And why LLC vs LLP? I don’t know the exact details of the current laws around corporations but there is something about if there is a board that implies shareholders (as opposed to president or secretary – officers of the corporation are fine) and then you run into some pissed off former client (or one just trying to make a buck) claiming false representation, thought it was a bigger company or something similar crap. Also board members have a different level of fiduciary duty – I’m pretty certain they are beholden and duty-bound to act in the best interest of shareholders NOT the best interest of the corporation, which sometimes are different. Please don’t take this as official legal advice, but personal as I would tell ANY friend to joke around all they like with titles and positions (call yourself official joint roller or court jester for all it matters) but a board is a legal entity of its own. I don’t know your exact details and I don’t think it would happen even, but I always hedge my bets – especially where my livelihood is concerned. That’s why lawyers tell you to put everything in writing… but putting incorrect business info in writing may open up a potential legal issue and is easily avoidable. Chairman of the mixing board perhaps? Bread board? Anyone else bored?

    Remember The X Files – Trust No One is good legal advice. Or the old standby of Better Safe Than Sorry. You have your choice of pop culture or cliche. 🙂

    Mat, you SHOULD be a lawyer – you can defend anything. I’d hire you. If you wouldn’t gouge me on the billable hours.

  • I think Liore is right, but if you’re in business you have a long line of people who very well might sue you — and not just because they are greedy. Something could happen and you go bankrupt, the creditors sue. Maybe someone you make a business deal with — a client or co-conspiritor — gets dissatisfied and sues.

    “Chairman of the Board” implies a certain level and kind of responsibility, and I’d make sure that doesn’t commit you to something that pierces the cover being an LLC gets you. There are things you can do that can invalidate your LLC status. If you’re committed to the “Chairman of the Board” line, then I recommend you get your lawyer’s advice before you need it in court.

    “Chairman of the Soundboard,” now… that’s probably safe.

  • Okay, disclaimer is that I have NO idea who Thud or where he earned his MBA or JD as we have never met. However, he mentions exactly where my legal concern was based and why I recommended legal advice beyond the obvious false advertising/misrepresentation line of thinking! Representing yourself as a member of the Board MAY “pierce the corporate veil” and allow for creditors or plaintiffs to reach personal assets no longer protected under limited liability.

    Piercing the veil takes this whole Corporations lesson a BIT too far and its a 2L course anyway. But acting as either an S or C corporation (2 types of public corporations – basically big and small) and doing business in the manner of a public corporation means that the LLC likely will quite easily be treated as a public corporation by the courts as you weren’t using the LLC structure for doing actual business and were functioning as a public Corporation. It happens often – people try to form an LLC for protection but if you don’t carefully govern yourself under the specific LLC rules, a court deems your LLC to be a public corporation anyway and then you are personally liable.

    I personally vote for Chairman of the SurfBoard.

  • Oh no! Now you have me worried about all the impending lawsuits for The Chairmen of the Board. Poor guys. 40 years of lawsuits waiting to happen! Yikes!

    The poor fans. All this time they thought they were doing business with a large company.

  • They are officially “General Johnson & The Chairmen of the Board” I think and that doesn’t make reference to a Board of Directors regardless. They have a copyright or trademark agreement I imagine and therefore it’s not implying membership on a Corporate Board of Directors.

    Lawyer Mat – see, rebuttals are his specialty!

  • Liore, I once read a “contracting for dummies” book.

  • Did anyone already say Creative Audio Genius? I like that and that way, how can they sue you with that? I do like Sound Evangelist. I was torn between that and In Charge of all things Audio. Ah, decisions.

  • Nice work Thud. Not only reading but actual (gasp!) learning too! You must not be a Wootton Grad.

  • Mistress of Music for Emily, and Audiological Adventurer for you. What can I say? I like alliterations.

  • Sound Evangelist is good, but “Bossman” may be more fitting.

  • Wow, I wish I had checked in earlier in the week to vote, I vehemently dislike the results. I think “Front Office” would’ve been the best possible title for Emily, or “Engineer & Owner” for Mat and “Designer & Owner” for Emily. Long flowery titles are cute and creative and all, but at the end of the day I think something utilitarian and to the point would work best. But hey, it’s your biz, run it like you wanna run it.

  • So wait. Mat, are you actually using these results on the cards?

  • Hahaha. No. This was used as a gauge.

    E: Owner & Jane-Of-All-Trades
    M: Owner & Sound Evangelist

    I can’t wait to get sued by the church! Bring it on Jesus…

    But then again, if we get sick of them we can always make more. But I like them for now.

    I do agree with you Al. That was my MO as well. Simple and effective (yet not boring) titles. So there ya go!

  • I’m a little late to this here thread, but my only input is that back in the 90’s tech boom, every business card I got from people seemed to sport the title ‘Evangelist’ of something or other. So it feels a little tired to me. What if you tried something more magical? Like Owner and Sound Sage or Owner and Sound Shaman (both have the bonus of a little alliteration) or sticking with the religious undertone, Owner and Sound Cleric. Okay, that’s my two-cents.

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