Lily Update

  1. Lily started sleeping through the night without her 4am feeding last week. It’s a great feeling. Not to mention we’re catching up with some sleep.
  2. It’s official that Lily can now track and follow from about 5 feet. She can also recognize Daddy and smile from about 5 feet.
  3. It’s rumored that Lily’s first word was L’Chaim. However some people say it was simply a cough.
  4. Lily had her first laugh this past weekend while crunking. I shit you not.
  5. We had our first ghetto lawn pool experience. We’re official a cheesy family!
  6. She is now in her 6 month clothing. Those cloth diapers seem to add a few months to clothes sizes.
  7. I have learned that babies have an altimeter and can tell when one is sitting or standing and will let you know when you are too low.
  8. Watching Lily suck her pacifier is perhaps the cutest thing in the world. Second to coming in a few hours after we put her to bed and getting to watch her sleep. Hands in the air like superman.
  9. Thus far my favorite diapers are fitted fuzzy diapers with the flannel covers. These will allow Lily to wear clothes more designed for her age as these cloth diapers are more fitted than the prefolds, which definitely come in at a close second. It’s amazing how much pee and poop those prefolds can hold!
  10. My least favorite diapers are the bumGenius. Tell me again why the liner is IN the diaper?! What a mess for something so expensive.
  11. There’s nothing that a little breast milk can’t cure with this child. Especially a gooey eye.
  12. We’re off to the doctor tomorrow to see how much this little girl has grown! I am guessing she’s grown 4-5″. Girl is going to be a basketball player!

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