is it worth me staying up to read?

dondokken (9k image)Last night was probably one of the weirdest shows i have ever been to. I went down to DC101 at around 5pm. Kristen wanted to leave a little early to give us enough time to get thru rush-hour traffic. But of course, the interns were late. So we didnt leave until 5.30 or so. We got there just around 7pm. 90 mins? Wow…that’s pretty crazy. We rolled up there and parked on the sidewalk. The old 80s DC101 (circa Howard Stern/Greaseman) inflatable stereo was on the roof of NATION (the club). I got there and went straight to will call to pick up my VIP passes and my photo pass. I actually met Dan (i think that is his name, i always forget his name) who is the owner and he brought me to the front to let the security peeps i’d be taking shots all night. Then he gave me my VIP Passes.

It just so happens i missed LA Guns. I guess they went on early. They werent supposed to start until 7pm, but i got there just after and they were just playing their last song. I missed THE BALLAD OF JAYNE! So pissed. But i didnt fret. Firehouse was next. It was a little weird as the singer (CJ Snare!) had cut his hair, taken the cucumber out of his leather pants and grown a goatee. He still had his voice and they still sang LOVE OF A LIFETIME and DONT TREAT ME BAD. Ok, i was waxing nostalgia.

Next was Warrant. I was a relatively big Warrant fan back in the day. I mean i had their 1st record and i knew the singers name was Jani Lane. They also didnt wear as much makeup as Poison. I was actually pretty excited (it’s all relative) to see this band out of the others. For what they did, they did it pretty well. And their guitarists were great at the pinch harmonics. Gotta love that wank. Jani was another story. His gut weighed in at almost my weight. Granted it’s not much for a typical dude, but it’s still over 100 lbs. And he shaved the sides of his head and grew a mohawk! He looked god awful. Luckily his voice was still there and rocked me some DOWN BOYS, HEAVEN (acoustic!), I SAW RED, UNCLE TOM’S CABIN and some others i vaguely remembered.

After the 3rd song I went up to VIP. It was pretty tame, but it was away from all the mullets and scary people. I hung out with Diane and Dan and then went around to the DC101 tent to hang with Korinne and the interns. By then RATT had set up and was ready to rock. I maybe took pictures for one song. I never really listened to RATT nor had any of their cds. They didnt really do anything for me, in nostalgia or elsewhere. So i went back up to VIP for salvage and got some water to hydrate with. Hung out with Diane some more then went to hang with Korinne (notice the pattern).

Last was DOKKEN. They are almost mythic. Is that even a word? Again, i never really knew their music, but i would always say “Rokken like Dokken.” So yeah, they had all the rock cliches. A huge double bass drum kit. A 58″ Sabian Gong. Leather pants. The heinously looking guitarist that still lived in 1986. The bassist that looked like Glen Danzig. Etc…Etc…Etc… They had it all. But they kind of sucked (then and now) and didnt know when to get off the stage. So i hung with Korinne, Mike and the interns for the rest of the show. Then we packed it all up and headed back to the station. There i processed the pictures for the website and headed home. I think I fell asleep at 3.30am.

I overslept and woke up at 11.30am. Ooops. I forgot i work typically on Fridays. Oh well. So i woke up, showered and went to Moto Photo to drop off my 35mm film. Then went to Bagel City to get some lunch. Then headed to work. Work was work. Then i picked up my 35mm film and scanned in all 35mm prints. (see last entry) Oh, but after i picked up my prints i looked to see if Becca’s Saturn was there in the lot and it was, so i walked over to Starbucks and hung out with her for a bit. Looked at pictures with each other and she made me a chocolate soy coffee thing. She put ice in it too. It wasnt something i would typically order, but i did like it a lot. And Abi came by and looked really cute. She looks much better than when i last saw her. And we talked about thrift stores i need to go to. It was great seeing Becca.

Then i got an email back from Thrill Jockey records. I had sent them an email earlier today about getting photo passes for the show. I told them how i love all their artists, etc and how i am modeling my label off theirs. And i gave her a link to my foto portfolio. 5 hours later and she said it wont be a problem! Fucking cool as shit. That night it prolly going to be one of the coolest concerts i will ever go to, AND i get to shoot it with Emily. Rock on man. Rock on. Tonight i did a lot of cleaning and laundry.

Tomorrow Daniel is coming over to drop off his music gear. We’ll jam for a bit and/or do some recording and then Lara is coming over to have dinner with us before her and Laura go see the Goo Goo Dolls.

I gotta friend…

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